Ready to Kicka$$

We connect talents with start-ups, corporations, NGOs, social enterprises, and the wider tech companies at the end of every batch, **bold** FREE OF CHARGE. With so much going on beyond just technical & essential skills, we are ready to help you build a scalable hiring pipeline and strong onboarding.

Few reasons to hire our talents

We know exactly what you need

As an academy made by fellow industry players, we know exactly the pain points in getting new hires on board. We design our curriculum to accurately replicate market demand; complete with conceptual knowledge and best practices.

Rp. 0,- (Zero) Referral Fees!

No hidden fees, no retainer fees, and no commitment. You can hire our talents for free, anytime you are in need! We’re happy to have you, your affiliates, and your fellow friends on board as our Hiring Partner!

How do we maintain our quality?

Stringent Intake

To enter our Bootcamp, talent has to undergo a logic test, champion mentality test, as well as f2f interview. We mainly seek talents with a forward-looking, growth mindset, and positive attitude.

Conceptual Assignments

Our tasks are 60% conceptual, 20% practical, and 20% creativity. We believe that the real world does not require people who ‘do’ but also create, articulate, and elaborate. A strong basis is what differs good to great engineers.

Hands-on Experience

Talents are challenged with project with a real business case and expected to come with tangible results.

Project Design

Our project is designed to replicate how a real project works; with a twist, ambiguity, and trade-off talents have to balance by their own creativity and conceptual knowledge they learned.

We Accept Re-coaching

If within 3 months, talents cannot follow your work standard, we’re happy to re-coach them. Meanwhile, we will send you another CV for you to try!

Be our Hiring Partner!