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With our long-running experience in managing tech talents and youth development, we proudly present our one-of-a-kind program dedicated to Tech-savvy teenagers in discovering their talents and passion in Tech! We designed action-packed programs to discover your inner talent and familiarize you for Technology and Computer Science University Programs.

What is UPSCALE Summer Course Program?

We help you choose your career wisely!

We believe that everyone is building their career for a lifetime; we help you to save your early years by inviting experts to share with you what it’s like to be in the Tech Industry!

Familiarize yourself to University and Career World!

Wondering how life would be at University? Wondering how would you be able to build your own career? We got you covered. Find more about our curriculum below!

What will you learn in our summer camp program?

Intensive University Preparation Program (UniPrep)

Program designed to familiarize yourself with your early years of University. Our curriculum is made to address the conceptual learning curve of the first 4 semester in Computer Science major.

FocusWeekConceptual MaterialsTechnical MaterialsEssential Skill Materials
Month 1:
1Algorithm & ProgrammingChampion Mentality
and Critical Thinking
37-Habit of Highly
Effective Individual
Month 2:
5Application Systems:
– Basics of System Architecture
– Database Systems
Practical Courses:
– React Native;
– Angular; or
– Java Spring

Short Summer Course Program

An action-packed, short-term Program designed to give students of Early High School years to understand the requirements of Tech Industry

Part 1:
Basic Concepts
1Introduction to AlgorithmSandbox Project:
Make your first Program
2Data Structure & Control Structure
3Essential Skills Workshop: 7-Habit Part 1
Part 2:
Becoming an Engineer
4Basics of Frontend DevelopmentHackathon:
Make your first Apps!
5Basics of Backend Development
6Essential Skills Workshop: 7-Habit Part 2
7Final Presentation
Express Program: Getting used to Algorithm and Coding
Part 1:
Basic Concepts
1Basics of Product DevelopmentHackathon:
Build your first Product
2Engineering Culture: Industrial awareness
33-tier Framework, Database & ORM
Part 2:
Becoming an Engineer
4Mobile Apps Development
5Backend & Database Development
6Engineering Culture:Attitude and Craftsmanship
7Hackathon Finals & Presentation
Immersive Program: Understanding teamwork, product development, and IT career. Taken after finishing Express Program

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