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We are open to be involved with your organization no matter how unique your circumstance and challenges you face! Here are some big names you might know who went kickass with our help:

Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games

A sporting games with over 18.000 volunteers and field workers. Upscale team, was involved in building e-learning platform, contributed in a part of materials and coaching.

Pelindo 1

Held React Native, Java, and AWS Rekognition coaching to build digital attendance system in one of Indonesia’s busiest port.

Barito Integra Teknologi

A long-term partnership for recurring employee coaching as well as on-boarding process


Upscale team involved in general basic training for Data Mining, Continuous Audit & Continuous Monitoring

Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Upscale team involved in general refreshments for teachers and lecturers of Sampoerna-owned institutions

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