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UPSCALE is a tech career preparatory institution. We are passionate about the balance of technical skills and career development skills for each individual’s growth potential. We are an experienced team in Technological Sector, Education, and Youth Development.

Brands you trust who trusted Upscale

Upscale Techforces has a few of partners, all of them are reputable companies with substantial strategic investment in tech department!

Kalbe Farma, Indonesia pharmaceutical and medical corporate group

KlikDokter, e-Health platform

Klikcair, Fintech, P2P Loan System Provider for Productive Loan Lender

Agate Studios, Game Development Company

DLVR, Supply Chain management software application

HiGo, Wifi Advertising Platform

BIT, Software development company

Indosystem, IT Consultant

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Danacita, Fintech, Education P2P Loan Provider

Bizhare, Fintech, Equity Crowdfunding platform

Klique, Human Resources Consultants for Startups, SMEs

Pelindo, Indonesia state-owned enterprise for port management

Cakram, SaaS & On-premise CRM software application

Sentinel, SaaS & on-premise Health, Safety & Environment application

National Olympics Committee, Indonesia highest committee for sporting events

Merkle Inovasi Teknologi, IT Consultant

… and more
coming up!

Why learn at Upscale?

You’ve got challenges,
financing is NOT!

Choose your financing options: one-time payment, or student loan options available for you.

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Scale Career.

Not only technical skills, Upscale provides essential skills for your career advancement: critical thinking, design thinking, and more! We also provide re-coaching for anyone who did not reach hiring standard.

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Why hire Upscale Talents?

Competitive SLA and
Re-coaching Guaranteed

Any talents we graduated are guaranteed re-coaching, and we will send you more CVs if your Upscale graduate recruit requires one. We open re-coaching policy up to 3 months from acceptance, and SLA of 1 month to new CV.

Well-equipped with
relevant tech

Our talents are well-guided by faculty members from prominent industry players; equipped with the recent trend in the job market, ready to aid your team!

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